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In 2023, we are celebrating 15 years of presenting juried art tours in Salem County. As part of this celebration, we have rebranded the tour which is now called the Salem County Art Tour. 

While the name is changing to better reflect who we are, you will still find the artists of Salem County ready to open their studios and share their work with the more than 500 visitors who discover our artwork during the tour. In May 2023, more than 40 artists, working in all corners of Salem County will share their creative process and show the strong social connections that art has as a necessary ingredient for economic success in the county.

The artists of Salem County Art Tour are delighted to offer you the opportunity to be part of the event. The two-day event provides a wonderful opportunity to position your business or organization as one that supports local artists and Salem County tourism. More importantly, this is an opportunity to position your business with an art buying, local and regional clientele.

Please note, support
for the Salem County Art Tour LLC is NOT considered a tax-deductible charitable donation.

See our 2023 Tour Supporters!

So, what else is new in 2023? There are advertising options for anyone giving $250 or more. Along with an ad in the brochure and on the website, your location will be marked on the brochure map and the Google map for the event.

If you are interested in a supporting the tour, please download more information HERE.

NEW FOR 2023

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